Herbs, Etc. - Allertonic 60 Softgels - Natural Non-Drowsy Allergy Relief

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Allergies got you down?  Then try Herbs, Etc.'s Allertonic Herbal Formula in softgel form!  This wonderful blended extract of 9 herbs from Plantain to Osha is of the highest quality, and may help you feel better from allergies.  By supporting a healthy inflammatory response from the respiratory system & gastro-intestinal tract, this formula stabilizes cell walls and supports antibodies found in the eyes and respiratory system.  It also normalizes secretions, liquefies mucus, hydrates luminary tissues, and more!   60 Softgel Capsules


Fresh Stinging Nettle herb, Licorice root, Eyebright herb, Horehound herb, Osha root, fresh Horsetail herb, fresh Mullein leaf, Elecampane root, and fresh Plantain leaf. Gluten Free

Suggested Use

Immediate Usage: Take one softgel every two to three hours until comfort is achieved or as directed by your health care professional. Noticeable comfort is attained within the first or second day. Switch to Ongoing use. 

Ongoing: Take one softgel with water three times a day.

Proactive: Two months prior to seasonal challenges, take one softgel with water twice a day.

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