Garden of Life Organic Essential Oils - Sweet Orange - 0.5 fl oz bottle


Single bottle. From Garden of Life's website:

Citrus aurantium dulcis

Attributes: Joyful, calming, balancing, uplifting

Origin: United States

Plant Part: Peel

Story: Citrus arrived in Florida before 1565 but only became an important industry after Spain ceded Florida to the US in 1821. Orange Essential Oil is rich in molecules that can make us happy, as well as keep us energized, clear and focused.

Use: Add a few drops to your favorite soap, shampoo, bath product or home cleaning solution. Add 10 drops to a diffuser for a joyful effect. May combine with Organic Rosemary Oil for winter celebrations.

Applications: Baths, body and skin care products, exfoliating scrubs, room sprays and air fresheners, linen sprays, chest salves, cleansers.