Buying Club Information and Form

Buying Club Information

UNFI has discontinued printed catalogs. So that you may look up new items and item numbers, we have set up a buying club account on their website. Accessing this will provide you with real time pricing info, new items and out of stock information.

To access this on your computer you will need to go to: and click on customer portal and enter:

Username: HardinsBuyClub

Password: Hardins01
(case sensitive)

From there, you may browse items, see your pricing and search their catalog. DO NOT attempt to place orders through this site. All orders must be placed by calling us @ 970-872-3019, emailing us at, or by fax at 970-872-6148.

Orders are due Saturday by 6 PM for Tuesday AM delivery and Tuesday by 9 AM for Thursday AM Delivery.

Buying Club Guidelines

1.  Order Deadline: Monday 6 P.M. every week.

2.  Order Pick-up: Anytime after Thursday, 12:00 P.M.

3.  Please call, e-mail or fax your order to us and be prepared with item numbers, description & quantity. Please be as clear as possible, this will help prevent disappointment.

1 case – 309-725 – Brown Cow Strawberry Yogurt 8oz
1 each – 765-144 – Rainbow Light One Daily 30 ct.
3 each – 433-136 – Citra-Solve Cleanser 8oz.

4.  All orders must be in the case packs listed in the catalog. Rainbow sells most of their grocery, frozen & refrigerated items in cases. Exceptions to this rule are listed in eaches and are often shipped as a pack of three. Please ask us if you’re not sure, you will be responsible to purchase all three if that is the way Rainbow ships it. Personal care & supplements are usually ordered by the piece (each). Read your catalog carefully.

5.  We welcome frozen & refrigerated orders, however we have limited freezer space, please pick up your order containing these items as soon as possible.

6.  Please inform us as soon as possible about any mistakes or spoilage issues. Any mis-ordered items (your mistake) are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

7.  All catalog prices are subject to change. On our monthly sale items, you will be charged the lowest price.

You can also download the guidelines HERE.

Download Buying Club Order Form